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Blair's recovery from a traumatic assault finally brings he and Jim together.

Blair raped.

Where It Ends

Lucy Hale

Blair sets the rules for a relationship, and things don't go as planned.

Unrepented Jim - Post TSbyBS.

The Innocence of a Child


Blair is injured and Jim must care for him.

Blair with a brain injury.

The Angst Archive


Website Link.

Archive Rec.

The Littlest Guide Series

Part 1, Part 2


Two year old Blair bonds ten year old Jim.  Pre-slash.

Jim or Blair as kids.

The Waiting Room

Stacey LA Stronach

A young Jim has an interesting experience in a waiting room.

Jim or Blair as kids.

Sentinel School Universe


Blair's taken against his will and brought to a holding area for Sentinels that are in desperate need of a Guide.

Crossover with Stargate SG1.

Dead Man's Float part of the

Author's Favorite's Series



Blair with a broken leg, arm, foot etc.



Absence and hindsight make the heart grow fonder.

Blair with a broken leg, arm, foot etc.

Self Discovery 101 and its sequel

Where Angels Tread

Charlotte Frost

It is a year after "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg", and Jim and Blair learn new things about themselves and each other while investigating a murder at a racehorse retirement farm.

Blair with a broken leg, arm, foot etc.

The Passing Shade and its sequel

Cup Runneth Over

Charlotte Frost

While Blair recovers from a car accident, he and Jim each confront events from their pasts.  The first story is Gen and the second story is Slash.

Blair with a broken leg, arm, foot etc.



After Blair breaks his arm, he needs help with his hair.

Blair with a broken leg, arm, foot etc.

Hippie Boy

Alexis Gunn

As a young soldier, Jim meets Blair as a child. There is absolutely no sex in this story until Blair is an adult.

Jim or Blair as kids...WAYBACK link provided.

Sentinels, Interrupted


Ten year old Jimmy Ellison needs a guide. But when Blair arrives at the Sentinel Institute, Jimmy's need to protect his guide outweighs his sense of self-preservation.

Jim or Blair as kids.


Lemon Drop

Blair makes a discovery about his past while on vacation in Mexico with Jim.

Jim or Blair as kids and cooking stories.

A Day To Remember


Jim and Blair celebrate a special day.

Cooking stories.

Playing Tag In Cascade


A compilation of links for Gen and Slash fan-fiction featuring food.

Cooking stories.

Food For The Soul


Jim is hired by Blair's friends at Major Crime to cook for him while he is home on extended leave due to medical complications following his drowning at the hands of Alex Barnes.

Cooking stories.



Thanksgiving takes on a whole new meaning in the Ellison-Sandburg household.

Cooking stories.

Strike Force


Jim assembles an elite group for a special purpose.

Major Crimes: The Protectors.


Annabelle Leigh

Blair feels exposed and counts on Jim to help him avoid embarrassment when a woman he dates violates his trust in a most revealing way.

A woman Blair dates violates his trust by drawing erotic artwork of him and exhibiting it in Cascade’s Art Gallery.

Playing Tag In Cascade


A compilation of links for Gen and Slash fan-fiction featuring crossovers.


The Jamie Series

(Scroll down for stories)

Gillian Middleton

Jim rescues Blair from a war torn country and they adopt a baby boy. Part 18 was the end of the series, the parts after that pick up some stories later in the timeline.

Jim or Blair with kids.

The BJ Sandburg Series

(Scroll down for stories)

Gillian Middleton

The Sandburg Curse - on their thirtieth birthday members of Blair's family have been known to change sex for a year. But try telling Jim that! He learns the hard way that there's more to Blair than he ever thought, and also how tricky those Sentinel mating instincts can be when faced with a female Guide. Freaked out yet? There be humour and sex ahead, if you're interested.

Jim or Blair with kids.  Gender-bender.

Playing Tag in Cascade


A compilation of fan-fiction where the guys are parents.  Gen and Slash links are available and clearly labelled.

Jim or Blair with kids.


Polly Bywater

The Sentinel Institute nearly loses a valuable - and unbonded - Wolf Guide to a vicious caseworker.


Four Military Men


Blair, Tony, Daniel and Rodney all meet in high school and become good friends. When their twenty year high school reunion comes around, Tony decides to get them all to attend--with their significant others.

Crossover with NCIS/Stargate SG1/Stargate SGA

Everything Jake

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Post-series, Blair has become a detective and decides to move out of the loft. That decision changes his life forever.

Jim or Blair with kids.

The Retrieval Series followed by The Good Fathers and Still Practising Something New

Polly Bywater

Blair was lost but now is found.

Blair is missing and Jim has to find him.



The worst possible news brings Jim and Naomi to Peru. Primal forces come into play, sending Jim on a perilous journey, and taking Blair on a trip of a different kind.

Blair is missing and Jim has to find him.

Enough Space


There's Blair, and the jungle and Jim - and a whole lotta space between them.

Blair turns on Jim.

Backup Plan


What if Blair had had a backup plan around the time of Nightwatch and The Sentinel Too?

Blair turns on Jim.

Crossover with Stargate SG1.


TW Lewis

After Blair trashes his dissertation, he gets help from an unexpected quarter.

Blair turns on Jim.

Crossover with Stargate SG1.

Without You


Epilogue to Dead End on Blank Street. After heated words are exchanged, Blair moves out to get on with his life. Jim tries to get on with his own life. Then a serial killer from a cold case file strikes in Cascade.

Blair turns on Jim.