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Sentinel Fic Finder


This LJ community was created for fans of The Sentinel to find any fan fiction stories they've lost.


TS Secret Santa


Secret Santa Fic Exchange celebrating TS with one another at the Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/Winter etc..

Christmas stories.

Playing Tag In Cascade (XMAS)


A comprehensive list of Christmas related stories, labelled Gen and Slash respectively.

Christmas stories.

Sentinel Fic Finder (XMAS)


A collection of Christmas/Holiday requests at the community.

Christmas stories.

A03 (XMAS)



A collection of Christmas related stories, labelled Gen and Slash respectively.

Christmas stories.

On The Hunt


The method of linking Sentinels and their Guides is being called into question.

Jim and Blair as Alpha Sentinel/Guide.

The Ghost Of Christmas Past


What makes a perfect Christmas?

Christmas stories.

Jingle Jammies


Blair has something new and special for Christmas.

Christmas stories.

A Christmas Story


Jim receives an unexpected visitor.

Christmas stories.


Josephine Darcy

What would happen if Brown and Rafe tried to 'borrow' Blair for a day? Much craziness ensues.

Jim in full Sentinel/BP mode.

A Thank Youíd Be Nice


No one likes to feel they're being taken for granted. "Please and thank you" aren't necessities, but certainly one of life's little pleasantries. Well, obvious Jim doesn't think so and Blair has had about all the ingratitude he can take.

Blair gets so angry with Jim he upends a bowl of spaghetti onto his head.

Second Chance Series

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Calisa Echo

This is a "sentinels are known" universe. Jim's first guide has died and he was put into an induced coma to help him survive. After he wakes, he never wants to bond again, so chooses Blair, a scruffy "wild empath" whose first sentinel discarded him. But all is not as it seems.

AU...WAYBACK link provided.

LF more chapters...established that it is still a WIP and has not been updated for a long time.

Off Limits


Danger to his Guide finally brings a Sentinel to his senses.

Blair is raped/hurt by a woman.

Hippie Boy

Alexis Gunn

As a young soldier, Jim meets Blair as a child. There is absolutely no sex in this story until Blair is an adult.

Blair as a child/teenager...WAYBACK link provided.

Taming Of The Sniper

Squeakerblue and thothkristen

Ian Edgerton, one of the biggest and baddest Wolf Sentinels, has led a lonely life. Paired with one temporary Guide after another for almost a decade and a half. He convinced himself he was a broken, unBondable Sentinel long ago, useful only as a good luck charm and training ground for Guides before they Bonded.

Charlie Eppes, one of the longest unBonded Guides in the Program and a rare Red Panda, has accepted the fact that he's never going to find his Sentinel. He decided to instead pour all his energy into helping his brother catch murderers and criminals for the FBI

When bystanders start dropping like flies in the heart of LA, Edgerton is summoned to help the Eppes brothers find the Sniper who is turning LA into his own private range.

AU.Sentinel/Guide Bonding.

Crossover with Numb3rs.

The Innocence Of A Child


Blair is injured and Jim must care for him.

Injured Blair.

Solitary Creatures


Jim finds out stuff. Smut ensues.

First Times.

The Reluctant Patient


Jim is not a good patient but thatís ok coz Blair knows just how to handle him.

Sick Jim...WAYBACK link provided.

The Sequel of Obligation

Polly Bywater

A brand new Sentinel is dropped into Blair's lap, just when he's become resigned to the fact that Jim can't give him what he needs.


Crossover with X-Files.

The Coldest Winter


Sheís determined to get him back. Nothing will stop her. Not hell, high water, or Blair Sandburg.

A single-minded Caro.

Dirty Little Secret Series and its sequel Always Be


The bond between a Sentinel and his Guide demands too much.

Jim and/or Blair donít want to bond.





A drunken Blair Sandburg comes to a sobering realization.

Blair as a cop.

Minding His Pís and Qís


Jim discovers that Blair has been keeping a secret.

Blair has dyslexia.

Without Words Series

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A permanent disability does not necessarily mean permanently disabled.

Blair has cancer.

Nine Months Series

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Jim and Blair embark on a journey to bring a child into their lives, through the only option open to them.


Soul Quest Series

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A camping trip leads to startling changes in Jim's life as he encounters a wounded elf in the forests of the Cascade Mountains.


Everything Jake Series


Post-series, Blair has decided to take Simon's offer of the badge and become a detective. To quell rumors that he and Jim are lovers (which they are not), he decides to move to his own apartment. That decision leads to a series of significant life changes for himself and Jim.

Warm fuzzies.

The Night Terror Series


In a land beset by the fearsome, winged creatures known as the night terrors, a wounded guide with a mysterious past finds sanctuary at Baron James' castle. Humanity is on the verge of destruction, and not everything is as it seems...

AU.Sentinel/Guide Bonding.

Distant Journey, Unknown Lands

Lemon Drop and Martha

Yet another post-TSbyBS story.


Visiting Alex


Two weeks after they're back from Sierra Verde, Alex regains consciousness and Jim decides to go see her.

Post SenToo fics.

The Weight of Love this is a sequel of sorts to Williamís Boys and Williamís Family


William is still recovering from his heart surgery and getting to know his boys and their families. Little does he know how many changes that will involve.

Jim and Blair interact with family.

Passing In The Night


Jim Ellison, a former hustler, thought things would be better once he left the business. When a former boyfriend is murdered, and Detective Blair Sandburg is assigned to investigate it, Jim becomes sure of it.


In This Life

Lisa, Duncanís Twin

Blair meets a mysterious new man and finds what he has always been looking for.


Sandburg, Ellison and Adam


Its seven years after TSbyBS. Where are they now?

AU. Established Relationship.Blair has a permanent disability.

When You Practise To Deceive


How do you buy your boyfriend an awesome Christmas present when you've got no money? Get a job, of course.

Blairís working a night job without Jimís knowledge.



What if you could turn back time?Adaptation of the movie, Frequency where it has a present day Blair finding a unique way of communicating with a Jim from his past and influencing events/changing history.


These Two Hearts Series

Candy Apple

When Jim rescues Blair from a physically and sexually abusive relationship, he discovers his real feelings for his partner.Together, they try to rebuild their lives, and bring to justice the man who abused Blair.

AU.Jim rescues Blair from an abusive relationship.

Blue Part 1, Part 2



When Blair chose to take the badge and attend the Academy, he knew his life would never be the same again.

After TSbyBS. Fragile Blair.

Love Bites


Who would have thought that rainy-day computer problems could make wishes come true?

AU.Different meetings.

The Drilling Rig and its sequel Give A Little, Get A Lot


Blair Sandburg, a struggling graduate student, takes a job as an assistant cook on a drilling rig, and meets an attractive, mysterious man.

AU.Different meetings.

Kings or Knaves part of the Regency Sentinel Series


The year is 1814. Captain James Ellison is called to London to investigate his brother's infatuation with one Naomi Sandburg. But Jim is more concerned with her son, Blair.


You Watch The Hippie, Iíll Take Goldilocks followed by Rogues and Fear

Gil Hale

Two sentinels are sent to investigate a possible uprising by guides.


Crossover with The Professionals.

The Healer Trilogy


This series starts with a catastrophic event that severely injures Blair and causes him to have amnesia. During his recovery, a dark secret from his childhood is revealed.

Disability fic.Regression Blair.

The Wedding March


Blair comes back from the Police Academy to the news that Jim and Megan are getting married.

Jim is in love with Blair.

Bakari and its sequel

Bakari & Dingane


When his hyperactive senses come online, Detective Jim Ellison's life becomes a shambles. Working on instinct, he decides to pursue a life-long dream: visiting the Bwindi Forest in Uganda to observe the gorillas. He finds much, much more.

AU.Different meetings.

Conforming to Requirements


A novel length AU set in a parallel world, where Sentinels are prized members of society and Guides are second class citizens. Sentinel Ellison doesn't want to Bond, and his unconventional, temporary Guide is not allowed to.

AU.Different meetings.


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Two unusual visitors through the Stargate will change the lives of two men in Cascade, as well as SG1, forever.


Crossover with Stargate SG1

The Highway Man


Blair performs on stage at Rainier, inspired by a classic poem.

First Times.