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Aftermath Callista Echo   ? Megan is Jim's guide 
Delirious Natalie L  A fever delirium brings forth an unexpected confession from Blair. July 4th stories 
Constitution Park Dean Warner  Suffering from a migraine on the fourth of July, Jim needs Blair to re-establish his control.  July 4th stories 
Independence DayGreyWhile still recovering from a gunshot wound, Blair must also deal with some serious personal issues.
July 4th stories
Independence DayMerry LynneBlair declares his independence from JimJuly 4th stories
Big BangSaraidJim and Blair enjoy the Forth of July picnic.July 4th stories
TonightJustin SigmaChiBlair regrets his decision to celebrate the fourth with Jim and his military buddies. July 4th stories
Border HoppingR'rainBlair introduces Jim to celebrating the First of JulyJuly 4th stories
FireworksNitaJim isn't as excited about the big fireworks display as Blair is. July 4th stories
FireworksAlyjudeA story in the Everything's Jake Universe. Wherein we countdown to Jake's first July 4th, we join him for his first swimming lesson, Simon says something stupid and everyone eats way too much!
July 4th stories
Nature's FireworksFrancescaDuring which there occurs an entire game of softball, with interludes of discussion, and then fireworks, followed by more discussion, and then more fireworks.
July 4th stories
My Mongoose contestvarious?July 4th stories
Red, White and Blow MeLisa, Duncan's TwinBlair distracts Jim on the 4th of JulyJuly 4th stories
Shall We Have a PicnicAngeliseRafe decides to have his picnic and eat it too!July 4th stories
You Dog, YouMarmosetBlair talks Jim into going to a 4th of July picnic held by the Anthropology Department Student Association. Dogs are observed. ;-)July 4th stories
The Kissing PoolLilith FaireBlair accidentally overhears something at the Fourth of July picnicJuly 4th stories
The Sentinel Nurse Monica  An injury leads to a discovery Sick Jim or Blair 
Degrees to Heal Monica An illness leads to a discussion, and a discovery, as old wounds heal.  Sick Jim or Blair 
Enforced Vacation

Enforced Recovery
Monica  A watchful Sentinel gets some advice on caring for his Guide

A healed Guide and Sentinel complete the bond
Sick Jim or Blair 
Falling Bodies Lemon Drop  Blair suspects there's another sentinel in Cascade Sick Jim or Blair 
Number Six Lyn  Blair has been missing for three months. When he returns, he's not the man he used to be  Fic announcement 
Future Tense Alyjude Blair moves on with his life and career, but a violent case brings him back to Cascade to assist in catching a killer Blair as a cop 
Portraits Legion  A look at Jim and Blair's growing relationship from three different points of view, Post TS by BS. IA investigation 
The Sun From Both Sides

Veronica  A tragedy has Blair wondering who he can trust

It's business as usual for Simon—despite a complication that's not exactly unexpected.
Blair stays on a boat
Lost and Found Alyjude Wherein Blair and Jim find something after the whole mess in Sierra Verde. And Naomi finds something too.  Blair or Jim with pleurisy 
Children of Cascade series Mab  Nearly thirty years ago a pregnant young woman escaped the reclusive and secretive planet of Cascade. Cascade has found its lost child and sends Agent Protector James Ellison to retrieve him. The child's name? Blair Sandburg. Outer space Sentinel stories 
Star Crossed: Genesis Kam  Across the vastness of space, fate brings together a very special Sentinel and Guide. Lost and struggling for survival on a deserted, barren world, can they overcome their fears and insecurities to fulfill their destiny? Or will war, treachery, and deceit tear them apart and destroy both of their worlds forever? Outer space Sentinel stories 

Laura Jacquez Valentine A human Sentinel and his Vulcan guide must learn to work together

A Sentinel, his Vulcan Guide, and pon farr
Outer space Sentinel stories 
And Winter Fast Approaching Martha Christine  The first in my "Tales from the Burn" universe   One of the guys faint 
Dirty Little Secrets Saraid  The bond between a Sentinel and his Guide demands too much  One of the guys cheats
Stranger than Kindness Larua Jacquez Valentine  Love is not always kind  One of the guys cheats 
The Passage of Time Demeter  One of othe guys cheats 
Love's Forbearance Arianna & Polly Bywater  ? One of the guys cheats 
Building on Ashes Chrys  After a long absence, Blair returns to Cascade. Can he forgive Jim for betraying him years ago? One of the guys cheats 
Twenty-One Days Legion  After their romance fails, Blair goes to Houston to try to convince Jim to try again One of the guys cheats 
All Surface, No Feeling Annie Booker  You know that feeling when everything you have right now isn't enough?     One of the guys cheats
Listen Valentin   ? One of the guys cheats 
Five Conversations with Jack that Surprised JimCaro DeeThings were a little more complicated with Jack than Jim told Blair.One of the guys cheats
Torn by the StormRomslingerFive years after TSbyBS, Blair returns but will Jim's bitterness drive him away?One of the guys cheats
A Fair DistanceLaurie KySet post season four. Jim and Blair crossed that line from friends to lovers, but that was over a year ago. Now, Blair no longer lives in Cascade, and he's in trouble with the law.One of the guys cheats
BluePanikWhen Blair chose to take the badge and attend the Academy, he knew his life would never be the same againFic announcement
New AbilitiesSweet Kitty?GDP/Queer as Folk crossover
Stumbling InAnn TeitelbaumAn AU story for the closet scene in the pheromones episode. When Blair walks in, he doesn't turn around and leave this time.
Attraction stories
Wicked DesireRomslingerBlair's realization that he's in love with his roommate couldn't have come at a worse timeAttraction stories
EarlyDeana C JamrozLust, love and physical fitnessJim in the gym
Jamie seriesGillian MiddletonJim rescues Blair from a war torn country and they adopt a baby boyURL request
Angel DustPanikA sequel to Chasing Rainbows Shaman stories
Prof. Sandburg

Prof. Sandburg
Geli10 years from now. Blair is professor at Rainier. Jim is wealthy business man. They meet

Jim and Blair struggle with their new relationship.
Jim is a professor with an apartment and dogs
Guide for SaleAlyjudeThings aren't so easy for Blair, after he diss'es his dissURL request
Pain of LoveAlyjudeJim is dating and Blair is having difficulty dealing as he discovers that love can be painful. He gets into some serious trouble as a result.
URL request
Little CompanyLanning Cook?Child murders with a girls body in a barrel
The Courage to TrustZanz?A crane falls on Jim's hand
Covert OperationsRogueAfter Simon's appartment undergoes a late night trashing, Jim and Blair frantically scramble to make the loft look "normal".
URL request
Life Lived Like a Mentos CommercialMallory KlohnJim's days have always been fairly repetitive, but thingsare getting a little out of hand. Can he break the chain of misery before it squeezes him to death like a fifty-foot python?Blair chooses outcome
Deja VuAlexis GunnMy take-off on Groundhog's Day. Jim gets caught in the same day over and over. Brief mention of J/fBlair chooses outcome
CreviceMia AthlasJim and Blair fall into a big holeFainting stories
The TrapPumpkin?Fainting stories
DisabilityCloudlbJim learns to cope after being forced out of the PD on disability. But something, or someone, is coming to help. A "different meeting" story.Shaman stories
RitualsCloudlbBlair wants a house.  Jim is a traditionalist, and ritual is Blair's bailiwick.  Takes a common theme and adds a cliche.  Extreme fluff!Shaman stories
The WalkersCloudlb

This is a TSBBS fix, because every TS writer needs at least one.  It’s also an eventual SG-1 crossover, ditto. 

Sweet and sappy, with many silly devices.  Canon, what canon?   Shaman!Blair; bonding activity, mystical orgasms, messing with the Stargate, frivolous use of the Ninth Chevron.   Even though it’s a SG-1 crossover, it remains Jim/Blair-centric (sorry, Jack/Daniel fans!)  Mostly likely one-shot.     

Shaman stories
Flying into the BlackJane DavittLieutenant Womack's got problems. His senses are going wild and he's got people who want him dead. Then he's offered help; but Sandburg just seems like one more problem to deal with... Firefly crossover
The Erotic Adventures of a Companion and his Pirateelaine?Firefly crossover
Pirate and CompanionMabAn AU vignette of an AU vignetteFirefly crossover
Blood BorneKikkimaxA blood thirsty killer is on the prowl and no one is immune.  Who will be the next victim?  Who will make the next kill? Blair frightened of Jim
The ProtectorSouthyA "sentinels are known" AU novella.
Blair frightened of Jim
Trying TimesAlyjudeSomeone wants Blair dead, but the plan backfires and both Jim and Blair suffer... Blair frightened of Jim
Patterns of Light and ShadowLegionSome one is trying to 'out' Jim and Blair. Who? And more importantly, how do they explain to their friends that they're *not* lovers?Someone outs them
The Because seriesCearesJim gets the wrong idea
Buffy crossover
With LoveJane DavittBlair buys Jim a potentially deadly present from a market stall, sold to him by Ethan Rayne. (Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer but only featuring Ethan and set in Cascade)
Buffy crossover
Accidentally MineJoanZ JemZBuffy-verse cross over. Spike accidentally bonds with Xander, a guideBuffy crossover
Missing: Presumed Still Talkingmsgordo3Spike just wants everyone to get along. No, really, he does! Okay, so what he *actually* wants is to find his Xander and rut like a rabbit after killing whatever snatched him, but if he has to play Cupid for a cop from Cascade and a Colonel from Colorado Springs and their respective geeks for the killing and rutting to happen then he will. He's very good like that. Oh, and timeline? We don't need no stinking timeline! Buffy crossover
Shaman on a HellmouthSaraidthere's at least one university in the country that isn't going to worry about Blair's ethics.Buffy crossover
Learning CurveLitgalXander Harris is sent to Cascade to study Sentinels, he learns a bit more than he expects Buffy crossover
Spirit GuidesLady RaJim and Blair find themselves in Sunnydale and end up a part of the fight against Glory. Alternate ending for The Gift.Buffy crossover
Something Evil This Way ComesDolimirThe Panthers, a special covert op, team seeks a rogue agent in New Orleans. It soon becomes apparent that they are in way over their heads. Can a white witch protect Jim's team and steal his heart?Shaman stories
The Spirit of EvilBluewolfAn apparently minor theft leads Blair along the path of the shamanShaman stories
The Fox and the EagleBluewolfHis spirit guide calls on Blair in his capacity as a shamanShaman stories

Pinecrest 2: Hearts Desire
Rentgirl2Blair gets a life.

Loving Jim and having Jim love him in return had been his heart's desire for years. But was it what he really wanted? Was it what he could live with?
Shaman stories
The Grandmother Raven seriesMrsHamill"What happened, child? What... Blair, you're covered in blood. What happened to you?"Shaman stories
Wisdom of the Wolf, Wisdom of the JaguarLilyKIn the jungles of Peru, Shaman Blair Sandburg finds his Sentinel.Shaman stories
SearchingPolly Bywater'Seven years after Incacha died, Blair had learned some of what the way of the shaman entailed'.
Shaman stories
The Sequel of ObligationAkilahA brand new Sentinel is dropped into Blair's lap, just when he's become resigned to the fact that Jim can't give him what he needs.Shaman stories
A Bona Fide ShamanKrisBlair doubts his ability to be a good shaman and goes to Peru to be sure.
Shaman stories
DoppelgangerPsychgirlA serial killer has come to Cascade, and Blair is really wishing he'd paid more attention to his shamanic studies.Shaman stories
PalookaParesBlair dates a lot of girls. Jim finds some incriminating photographs. That's about it, really.Attraction stories
Mia FrancescaJim Ellison meets the woman of his dreamsAttraction stories
A Napalm of SandburgsLaura JVJim sighed, wondering when his brain was going to get better about not repressing things like this.Attraction stories
Two SpiritMelody Clark?Shaman stories
Into the Summer Sea

Sand and Water

Still the Deep
Audra RosePost S2P2. Ghosts. Guilt. Murder. Mental anguish.

More ghosts. More mental anguish. Impending evil. Unapologetically romantic schmoop. No one important dies.

Three months after the fountain, Jim and Blair are haunted by the experience. Literally.
Shaman stories
TattersMarthaIt's four months after Lovely and everything's back to normal. More or lessShaman stories
IdentityKit MasonBlair's first case, after he's sworn in, takes him undercover on the street
Shaman stories
The Longest JourneyShedocWhat if someone decided to stick up for Blair after his press conference? (this is a really BAD summary)Shaman stories
Every Purpose Under HeavenPsychgirlMany years in the future, Blair meets a young girl in a cemetery.Shaman stories
The Rules of Attraction series

Rules of Attraction 2
SpiderineJim and Blair travel to Peru so Blair can undergo his initiation as a Chopec shamanShaman stories
Between Two Worlds

Spirited Away
DangermouseTis another Shaman fic. Blair's a Shaman, he's also a cop. Where does he belong?

Cops keep going missing and they don't know where to find them
Shaman stories
The Shaman's First WeddingTazyEstablished relationship story in which Blair figures out one of the things a shaman is good for.
Shaman stories
Shaman's AcquisitionTazyJim and Blair are making some plans for the future, and some discoveries about themselves come along the way.
Shaman stories
Shaman's WalkTazyBlair needs come closure before he goes on with his life as a cop. He needs to figure out the Shaman thing.Shaman stories
Explaining Mr. SandburgTazyJust what it says. You have to explain about Mr. SandburgShaman stories
Boundaries of the SoulAriannaDark fic. When they are captured by white supremecists, Jim has to have sex with his best friend, to save Blair's life. Not really slash, but graphic and all about loveBlair rape fics