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Decisions and its sequel Connections


A look into the future of our Sentinel and his Guide.Slash and Het.

Crossover with Due South.

Dark Time

Katrina Bowen

Blair's business in Chicago leads the pair into a strange mystery.

Crossover with Due South.



Two Chicago cops in Cascade to extradite a perp, are stranded when someone makes an attempt on the crook's life. Jim and Blair offer 'accommodations'.

Crossover with Due South.

The Mountie Who Fell To Earth is a sequel to Vengeance 101 and part of the Sentinel Slash Virtual Seasons.

Josephine Darcy

While on an investigation, Jim and Blair stumble across a Chicago cop, a Mountie, his pet wolf and a murder. Eventually the gang is led on a wild ride across the Canadian wilderness in pursuit of a demented religious freak. Can Jim and Fraser save their partners before it's too late?

Crossover with Due South.

Wolf At The Door

Sarah Saint Ives

Jim, Blair and Benton Fraser meet a strange being.

Crossover with Due South.

The Sentinel Archive Project


What we do here, is try to keep track of fiction that has disappeared or is disappearing from the 'net for a variety of reasons. We have copies of those stories and we're willing to send them to others.All you need to do is email us with a request.

Archive for lost fic.

New Beginnings


Jim Ellison is a cop whoís retired from the PD due to the problems heís having with his senses. He and his son, Joe, aged 5, move to a small town named Chinook where they set up house in a rundown house and meet Blair Sandburg, the local pharmacist. Blair finds out about Jimís senses and tells him heís a Sentinel and Blair can help him. They start working together, falling in love along the way. A couple of months later, Jimís ex-wife, Carolyn, shows up, demanding to take their son back to Cascade. 


Number Six


Blair has been missing for three months. When he returns, he's not the man he used to be.

Brainwashed Blair.

Sacred Ground


Jim and Blair travel to Australia to assist in the investigation of a serial killer after Blair almost becomes his final victim.

Crossover with Stingers.

The Cost of Divorce


An NCIS agent, a Baltimore detective, a Sentinel, a Guide, a serial killer. What more do you need? This is my take on how Tony Dinozzo joined NCIS. Pre-slash.

Crossover with NCIS...this is a WIP that hasn't been updated for a long time.

Murder by Ritual is the first instalment in the Profiler Series


Cascade profiler, Blair Sandburg is off to London for a speaking engagement, the only problem is murder threats and mayhem follow. Can his assigned bodyguard help?


Soul Quest Series


A camping trip leads to startling changes in Jim's life as he encounters a wounded elf in the forests of the Cascade Mountains.


A Safe Harbor


Set in a world where sentinels are feared and ostracized, Jim finds someone who can accept what he is.


Bond,'s Bond


Sentinels and Guides are known. Jim and Blair both come online but neither wants to bond.


The Edge of Forever


When Jim inherits a supposedly haunted house on the East Coast, he seems to have inherited the property's mysterious caretaker as well.




The job takes Jim and Blair to Atlantic City, and yet another adventure.


The Night Terrors Series


In a land beset by the fearsome, winged creatures known as the night terrors, a wounded guide with a mysterious past finds sanctuary at Baron James' castle. Humanity is on the verge of destruction, and not everything is as it seems...

AU.Sentinel and Guides are known.


April Hackett

What *does* Jim see?Pre-slash.

Sentinel senses.

Touch of Forever

April Hackett

What is this new ability opening up between Sentinel & Guide?

Sentinel senses.

Fire Away


A few days after Blair is nearly killed by David Lash, he's working out his feelings his own way. Please note, this story features sexual gun play.

Sexual gun play.

Kings or Knaves is the third instalment of the Regency Sentinel series


In the year 1819, blackmail and the return of an old nemesis strain Blair and Jim's relationship to breaking point.


Looking for Space


Does being together mean being together all the time?

Stories with Jim and Blair having to deal with either too much water or not enough water, and...if possible extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold.

A Typical Washington Spring


Driving home from St Sebastian's, Blair is caught in an unexpected blizzard.

Stories with Jim and Blair having to deal with either too much water or not enough water, and...if possible extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold.(Snowstorm)



A disaster brings out the pure sentinel in Jim, much to Blair's dismay.

Stories with Jim and Blair having to deal with either too much water or not enough water, and...if possible extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold.(Tsunami)

Redemption in Three Acts


Things can really get off-course if you're not careful. Sometimes it takes an act of Nature to get them back. Post-TSbyBS.

Stories with Jim and Blair having to deal with either too much water or not enough water, and...if possible extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold.(Hurricane)

Enough Space


There's Blair, and the jungle and Jim - and a whole lotta space between them.

Blair's observer credentials are revoked.

The Edge of Beauty


Some people are aware of Blair's beauty, but some are not.

Blair's observer credentials are revoked.

Walk Away


An old case brings about new issues for Sentinel and Guide.

Blair left paralyzed by poisoned bullet.

Reason To Love


Jim runs away from home.

Supportive William.

Missing Parts


It takes a painful injury and an uncomfortable recovery for
Jim to figure out that something's missing from his life that makes it complete.

Jim owies...WAYBACK link provided.

Of Sentinels and Walnuts...


A post TSbyBS 'fix', by way of the 'Sandburg Zone!'

Blair leaves Jim.

Various Titles

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My Mongoose Ezines


Ezine Link.


Sentinel Big Bang

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Master list of previous Big Bang offerings.

Long stories.

Crack Van for The Sentinel


A compilation of links shared on Crack Van over the years.Includes Gen and Slash stories.

Long stories.

Playing Tag in Cascade


An organised list (thanks to Merlin) of TS stories sorted by category. Includes Gen, Pre-Slash and Slash stories. Links are clearly labelled.


Collateral Damage


When Daryl is kidnapped, Blair becomes collateral damage.

Blair raped.

Kincaid's Revenge


Wlk68 aka WendyK

The title pretty much says it all.

Blair raped.

Red Right Hand


Captain Jim Ellison is with the Chopec fulfilling his mission. When an alliance is formed with a neighbouring tribe, he finds himself unprepared for the consequences of a meeting with the other tribe's guide.

Blair raped.

The Blue Feather


When Blair is raped and left for dead, Jim arrives to breathe new life into the young man's shattered world.

Blair raped.


Part I, Part II, Epilogue


An old enemy of Jim's takes his revenge in the most terrible way. Blair and Jim have to deal with the horror and healing only to find that it's not over till you catch the bad guys.

Blair raped.

Tales From The End Of Time


The earth is slowly dying, but isolated city states still survive. In Cascade, the population is strictly controlled and dissent ruthlessly dealt with. When Jim Ellison is sent to arrest the leader of an outlawed religious cult, his life is changed forever.

Blair raped.

Taming Of The Guide


Jim Ellison is Sentinel Prime of the planet of Cascade, and desperately in need of a Guide. But when he finally finds his guide, things only get worse. Now he is bound for life to a man he has greviously harmed.

Blair raped.

Homeward Bound


Following Kincaid's takeover of the stadium, Blair leaves Cascade and ends up finding more than he believed possible.

Blair raped.

Semi Crossover with Magnum PI.

No Islands Anymore

Betsy Tacy Ray-Kelly

After a brutal attack, Jim and Blair try to pick up the pieces. Blair seems to be "better" at examining his feelings than Jim. Who knew?

Blair raped.

To Be A Man


After a brutal experience, Blair tries to re-define his self-image.

Blair raped.

The Lost Path


Blair makes a mistake and tries to leave only to learn that things don't go so well when he's on his own.

Blair raped.