Slash Archive June 2000






Night Life Holly Lyn Ellison gets suspicious when Sandburg keeps disappearing on a regular basis. Blair singing in a bar when Jim walks in.
Sweet Memory Sasquash No summary Jim and Blair meet when Blair is 17.
Lost And Found Barbara Nice Miller Blair's in a bad mood and Jim's both the cause and the solution. H/C with Blair sick
The Agony And The Ecstasy Blarney Stone Blair's trip to the dentist leaves him in need of some extra special cheering up. H/C with Blair sick
Get Well Soon Rainy Day This was originally intended to be a "get well" story for my beta who was ill at the time of its creation. However, it has turned into a full-fledged story in its own right: Blair is down with the flu and Jim takes care of him, but this leads to unexpected revelations about the nature of their relationship. H/C with Blair sick.
Our Wedding Brak Jim and Blair plan their impending nuptuals. Jim and Blair getting married
Match Made Legion Jim and Blair discover during an undercover assignment that they are more than 'equipped' to deal with an unexpected situation. Jim and Blair undercover as a gay couple
Don't Play With Matches Legion Our Heroes find an interesting way to provide a distraction for a bad guy during a shoot-out. Jim and Blair undercover as a gay couple
All My Roads Candy Apple  In the wake of the fateful press conference, Blair struggles to rebuild his professional life. Together, Jim and Blair find a new dimension to their relationship while seeking the life path that will be right for both of them. Jim and Blair get married
No Lothario Francesca Blair comes home from a difficult evening, and Jim tries to get the story. Gay bashing stories
The Jamie Series Gillian Middleton Jim rescues Blair from a war torn country and they adopt a baby boy. Carolyn angry about Jim/Blair
Breakfast Tryptich series Terrence Simon wonders if his imagination is running away with him when he drops by the loft for breakfast and gets a real eye-full. First in the Breakfast Triptych series. Simon wonders about Jim and Blair
Of You Lisa, Duncan's Twin No summary Story based on song "I Get To Come Home To You"
Grey Areas Wax Jism Just how far is Blair prepared to go to save himself and his friends from Psycho Of The Week? Angst precipitates smut. Blair shoots a perp in front of Jim and Simon
Ricki Lake series Erynn Megan watches Ricki Lake Blair on TV talk show
True Confessions T. Isilwath Blair goes on a National TV talk show. Blair on TV talk show
Pretty Boy Francesca & Emily Brunson Blair sees some new sides of Jim Jim part of gay men's club
Dirty Little Secrets Saraid The bond between a Sentinel and his Guide demands too much. Jim and Blair have to have sex to complete the sentinel/guide bond.
Silent Pleasure DannyD Jim and Blair share a bed - with Simon in between.
Jim and Blair have sex in motel while sharing a room with Simon.
A Question For Mr. Sandburg Alexis Gunn No summary Jim asks Blair why they're not sleeping together.
Quack Legion What is one good way to deal with a bigot? Stories where Jim and Blair share a bed even though they're not yet lovers.
From One Moment Legion Like the title says, one moment can change everything. Jim pinned beneath Blair in an accident.
Whispers Brenda Antrim Set in the time frame of the episode Neighborhood Watch. Blair has nightmares about Jim being chained to a frame.
Gray Reality Legion Follows Dark Dreams Lived and Bright Nightmares Survived.
This story is a sequel to Bright Nightmares Survived
Blair leaves and Jim zones.
CD Collection Dayspring These are song-fueled stories involving a growing intimate relationship between Jim and Blair. Blair leaves and Jim zones.
Reality Check Francesca Blair wakes up and has to deal with the reality of his situation. Blair and Jim go to San Francisco
Go Francesca Jim makes some decisions about being a Sentinel and his relationship with Blair.  Blair leaves and Jim zones.
A Million Pieces Candy Apple Blair is the only survivor of a violent attack on Jim's family, and both men must support each other through physical and emotional recovery, and the exploration of their relationship. Jim's wife and child are murdered.
Chief Richard Edwards Jim gets pushy, Blair gets tough. Jim giving everyone attitude.
Talent Grey Jim begins to appreciate Blair's talents.  Daryl thinks he's in love with Blair.
Blue Christmas Alleycat Shades of Christmas-past come to haunt Blair. (No, this is not another rewrite of A Christmas Carol.) Blair decides to sleep through Christmas
Somewhere I Have Never Traveled Diana DeShaun & Lisa, Duncan's Twin No summary Blair gets invited for a weekend away
The 70s series Mona Ramsey It's Cascade in the mid-1970s, and cop Jim Ellison and student-Hippie Blair Sandburg are about to meet. . .  Blair takes recreational drugs
Ravaged Jayd An old enemy of Jim's takes his revenge in the most terrible way. Blair and Jim have to deal with the horror and healing only to find that it's not over till you catch the bad guys.  Blair sold in Mexico
Mother May Saraid Jim's anxieties about his relationship with Blair peak when an important person from his childhood returns unexpectedly. Jim uncomfortable with m/m sex