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Holding On


Naomi arrives at the loft, to tell Blair that his first lover, a man he has believed dead for twelve years, is in fact still alive...

Naomi wants to split the guys up. 

Conforming to Requirements


A novel length AU set in a parallel world, where Sentinels are prized members of society and Guides are second class citizens. Sentinel Ellison doesn't want to Bond, and his unconventional, temporary Guide is not allowed to.

Blair as a temporary guide.

The Second Chance Series

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Calista Echo

Jim's first guide died and Jim was put in a medically induced coma. Blair is picked to help Jim until Jim can find a suitable guide.

Blair as a temporary guide... WAYBACK link provided, all links currently work.

Black Fire


Blair finds out about Jim's secret appetite, and decides to satisfy it.

PWP and *mild* b/d.

And Winter Fast Approaching  


Martha Christine

After a catastrophic military 'accident' separates Jim and Blair, the Sentinel retreats to the mountains to build a new tribe. But is Blair really dead?

End of world stories.

Homing Instinct

Martha Christine

After the Burn, Blair begins the long trip back to Jim and finds out he's not as alone as he thought. Sequel to And Winter Fast Approaching.

End of world stories.

Waking The Dead


Martha Christine

Set in the same AU as And Winter Fast Approaching. It's been five years since Blair came back and a lot has changed for Ellison's Tribe. But not everyone has adjusted to the changes that well.

End of world stories.

If Only In My Dreams and its sequel Merry Christmas For The Family

Martha Christine

Set in the same AU as And Winter Fast Approaching.

End of world stories...WAYBACK links provided.

Farseer: A Legend of the Middleworld

Martha Christine

A Sentinel Fairy Tale.


Bonded Destinies


Doctor James Ellison rescues a stranger following an automobile accident. While tending to the injured man, it doesn't take long for the good doctor to fall in love with his troubled patient.

Jim as a doctor.



Mulder and Krycek come to Cascade to protect Ellison and Sandburg.

AU...WIP that is no longer being updated.

Crossover with X-Files.

Home For The Holidays


Written for the Slash Advent Calendar Challenge.  Set in the same AU as Interloper.


Crossover with X-Files.

No Islands Anymore

Betsy Tacy Ray-Kelly


After a brutal attack, Jim and Blair try to pick up the pieces. Blair seems to be "better" at examining his feelings than Jim. Who knew?

Simon finds out how dangerous Jim is.

The BJ Sandburg Series

Gillian Middleton

The Sandburg Curse - on their thirtieth birthday members of Blair's family have been known to change sex for a year. But try telling Jim that! He learns the hard way that there's more to Blair than he ever thought, and also how tricky those Sentinel mating instincts can be when faced with a female Guide.  Contains gender bending, slash, pregnancy, what appears to be het sex and Blair/Jim.

A family curse turns Blair into a woman.

Forever Series

Jess Riley

After a horrific crime turns their world upside down, Blair and Jim must rely on the strength of their friendship and their growing relationship as Sentinel and Guide to find their way back home.  Pre-slash.

Simon finds out how dangerous Jim is.

Collateral Damage


When Daryl is  kidnapped, Blair becomes collateral damage. (Rape/Non-Con)

Simon finds out how dangerous Jim is.

The Inheritance Series

The Tenth Muse

Blair gets an unexpected inheritance that changes his and Jim's life a good way!

Simon finds out how dangerous Jim is.

Degrees of Trust


Jim's life has always been something of a mystery. Blair learns that some truths are harder to take than others.

First times.

Various Titles

Jane Mailander

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LF Author.