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Search and Rescue Romslinger  Blair Sandburg and his dog Mac, a trained Search and Rescue team, are sent to South America to find survivors after a devastating earthquake, including a Major James Ellison assigned to the US Embassy in Peru.
Blair is in SAR with a wolf 
Escargoat Escargoat  Author's website 
The Many Holiday Greetings of the Sentinel various  Holiday stories 
I Think I Love You Angelee  It doesn’t matter how grumpy think you are. Blair is a Sentinel looking for a Guide 
More than Okay Alanna   ? Blair's office is grafittied 
Male Pregnancy site various  URL request 
Every Day's a Holiday - Summer

Every Day's a Holiday - Autumn

Every Day's a Holiday - Winter

Every Day's a Holiday - Spring
Scribe  It started out as trivia--it ended up as Blair's summer project to drive Jim nuts. Who knew there were so many bizarre American holidays?

Blair made life interesting for Jim during the summer by celebrating every 'holiday'. Well, the seasons turn, and so do the tables. During Autumn, Blair is going to be on the receiving end.

Jim and Blair contniue their tradtion of celebrating a holiday every day.

A season of holidays is coming to an end, and the detectives of Major Crimes have decided to give Jim and Blair a little payback. Have mercy.
Holiday stories 
Grosse Point Sandburg TW Lewis  Crossover with Grosse Point Blank. International hit-man Blair Sandburg comes home for his ten-year reunion and finds a whole lot more than he bargained for. High school reunion 
Finding Home Annie  Epilogue for The Debt Blair is poor 
Net Worth Pares  Most household arguments revolve around money.
Blair is poor 
Spirit Guide series Lianne Burwelll When Blair died, Jim's world fell apart. But is he really gone?  One of them is a ghost 
To Have and To Hold series  Candy Apple  A crisis in Blair's career at Rainier leads him to an important crossroads in his life, while the evolution of his relationship with Jim leads him to a significant milestone  Jim and Blair with a housekeeper 
A Gathering of Sentinels

The Sentinel School

Trouble in Paradise
Lady Ra  Blair's taken against his will and brought to a holding area for Sentinels that are in desperate need of a Guide.

A series of vignettes about the Sentinel school. Ha ha ha--vignette? Who am I kidding? This is yet another story that wouldn't STOP. ACK. This, just like A Gathering of Sentinels is an AU following S2P2. Crossover with SG-1.

The NID are after Jim and Blair, and SG-1's on their way to Kelowna. This universe went AU after S2P2. This takes place a couple of months after Sentinel School ended, which follows A Gathering of Sentinels.
Sentinels are kidnapped 
Tribe Sentinel

Annabelle Leigh  By helping a couple in trouble, Jim and Blair are finally able to put the events of SenToo behind them.

Jim and Blair struggle with new Sentinel weirdness and gain a new understanding of their roles as Sentinel and Guide. 
Sentinels are kidnapped 
Without You Arianna  Epilogue to Dead End on Blank Street. After heated words are exchanged, Blair moves out to get on with his life. Jim tries to get on with his own life. Then a serial killer from a cold case file strikes in Cascade.
Blair gets multiple PhDs. 
As the Bough Breaks Emerald  A violent attack forces Jim to reveal his true feelings, but will circumstances take Blair away before they can find happiness?
People think Blair tried to commit suicide
Pumpkin Patch Pervert Taleya  Based on a true case. The boys catch a guy...well....   URL request 
The Passage of Time Demeter 

Written for the Moonridge Auction 2007.

Jim and Blair get married to others
In Deepest Consequence PJ  An investigation of a serial killer strikes too close to home for Jim and Blair. Rafe is a bad guy 
Choosing Guides Josephine Darcy  After 3 years of no sex, Blair figures it just ain't gonna happen!  Shaman story 
Strike Force  Melinda Rebel  Jim assembles an elite group for a special purpose.  Friday the 13th stories 
Friday the 13th Ceares  Its friday the 13th and things are a little weirder than usual   Friday the 13th stories 
Paranoia  Francesca   ? Cypher stories 
Backlash  Psychgirl  Jim meets with IA following Lash's killing.
Cypher stories 
Coals of Fire Jane Davitt Jim thinks Blair's visit to Club Doom needs addressing; Blair's not so sure.
Cyper stories
Shattering Brighid Who do you see in the Mirror? Cypher stories
What Am I Now Dolimir ? Cyper stories
Raptures and Roses Lyrica Jim begins to learn about his abilities and his new partner. Bathroom sex
Drilling Rig series Scribe Blair Sandburg needs cash to continue his studies, and he chooses a job as cook in the rough world of a drilling rig. Jim and Blair on a ship
Crossroads Alyjude Wherein Jim says good-bye to Blair and Simon who then try to get off the mountain (without much success) while Jim ruminates over the fact that maybe he wished they were still here - or at least that Blair was still here, er, there, um, with him, you know? He also decides that his mid-thirties have been great. Duh.
Crossroads tag
Fed Up Alyjude Blair gets, well, "Fed Up", words are exchanged, some rather nasty things said, but love prevails and truth wins out.Blair is angry
A Thank You'd Be Nice BCW No one likes to feel they're being taken for granted. "Please and thank you" aren't necessities, but certainly one of life's little pleasantries. Well, obvious Jim doesn't think so and Blair has had about all the ingratitude he can take.
Blair is angry
Shadows and Siege LitGal ? Blair is angry
Shadow War Sasquash Faced with a reality he can't bear and with a hearty shove from Jim, Blair loses himself. Jim eventually finds him againURL request
A Safe Harbor Bluewolf Set in a world where sentinels are feared and ostracized, Jim finds someone who can accept what he is.
Sentinels are ostracized and marked with an X
Comedy of Errors

Measure for Measure

Taming of the Shrew
Sideburns/Alyjude Two geeks wax poetic over their lamentable love lives and the clueless jocks they love... and confusion reigns.

The SGC needs Jim's special talents -- and Blair's.

Jack is learning to deal with his newly expanded team -- until things go from strange to even stranger and SG1 finds itself in the middle of a battle for Earth
Stargate crossovers
Alternity Legion While waiting for Blair to become Jim's official partner, life takes a turn that neither could have ever anticipated, thanks to a secret hidden deep in Cheyenne Mountain.
Stargate crossovers
Scorpions Lady Ra A Jim Ellison from an alternate reality comes through a wormhole, looking for this Earth's Blair Sandburg.
Stargate crossovers
The Dog series Caro Dee Jim Ellison and Jack O'Neill vie for dominance. And the winnah is: Stargate crossovers
Puzzle Pieces Lady Ra In two other realities, Jim, Blair, Jack and Daniel have to live with the sorrowful consequences of life. Then circumstances put them all face-to-face again.Stargate crossovers
Back Up Plan Dangermouse What if Blair had had a back up plan around the time of Nightwatch and The Sentinel Too?
Stargate crossovers
End of the Line Wadjet Jack has enough and retires so they can be together. But there's a matter of Daniel's past.Stargate crossovers
Learning Experience Annie Bayley Blair & Daniel are friends at University
Stargate crossovers
Fathers and Sons series Belladonna After Blair's dissertation disaster he runs away from Cascade and Jim, and goes to his father Stargate crossovers



TW Lewis Two lost souls find something unexpected - each other.

An uninvited guest has some startling revelations about Blair.

Blair doesn't drown at the fountain, he ascends, and things get weird(er).

Daniel comes back more lost and confused than anyone realizes.
Stargate crossovers
Tryst Kikkimax Daniel Jackson is a man on the run from the Air Force and one Colonel in particular.   He finds an unexpected haven in Cascade, Washington. Stargate crossovers
Destiny's Bond Wolfling While on a mission with SG-14, Dr. Blair Sandburg finds his destiny.
Stargate crossovers

The First Mission

HollyIlex As Blair faces one of the worst times of his life, he gets a call from a friend who needs him and this starts a chain of life-changing events

It's the first mission for the newly-expanded SG-1

Psychological evaluations for all SG personnel leads to a problem for Daniel
Stargate crossovers
Metamorphosis TW Lewis After Blair trashes his dissertation, he gets help from an unexpected quarter.
Stargate crossovers

Martha Daniel looks for peace in the aftermath of Absolute Power and The Light. Unfortunately, he goes looking for it in The Most Dangerous City in America

It's four months after Lovely and everything's back to normal. More or less.
Stargate crossovers
SoulmatesAres  DescipleJack and Daniel finaly get a clue, and Daniel comes to the rescue of his old friend
Stargate crossovers
The Heart's Consent Romslinger After Blair receives his doctorate and moves out of the loft, Jim has trouble coping with his loneliness and loss of control. Jim has an abusive ex
Past Memories, Present Fear Mia Athlas Someone returns from Blair's putting Jim in danger.
Jim has an abusive ex
The Awakening Keira Marcos Detective Jim Ellison doesn’t want a Guide. What he wants is peace and quiet and maybe for his ex-wife to disappear. Dr. Blair Sandburg, a successful profiler with the FBI, has nearly given up on finding his Sentinel. Then the night came where one’s pain drew the other across the country – neither will ever be the same.Fic announcement
Ad Libitum LitGal ? Guide voice story
Sugar is Sweet Russet McMillan In the middle of a perplexing case, Jim encounters his double -- and learns some things about himself and Blair.One West Waikiki crossover
Sideline Mab Jim goes on the run with Blair, claiming a threat from another sentinel. But just who's the threat?Alternate reality stories
Stargate/Sentinel Tenth Muse An old friend of Blair's asks for help with a translation, then offers Blair and Jim a job at the SGCStargate crossovers