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Full Circle


After TSbyBS, Blair disappears from Jim's life, just when Jim gets the courage to admit his true feelings.

Blair has amnesia.

Promises To Keep and its sequel Miles To Go


Blair is diagnosed with Lymphoma, and Jim must fight his own fears as he helps his lover deal with the disease.

Blair is bald.

And Eyes To See previously entitled: Seeing Into The Darkness


AU story set after Blair drowns in the fountain; instead of coming out of it unharmed he has amnesia.



Fluffy Rabbit

A serial murderer comes to town.


Edge of Light

Legion on A03

Jim and Blair rescue each other.

Blair is under the floorboards.

Many Movies of the Sentinel


Sentinel-ized movies.

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The Mummy


An adventurer, Jim Ellison, and a young librarian, Blair Sandburg, have to fight a terrible curse in Egypt.


The Storm Chasers


AU. Based on the movie: Twister. A former storm chaser must confront his old team mate before moving forward with his life.



Sihaya Black

Blair becomes a cop and things change. Jim isn't very happy about it.

Blair as a cop.



Blair adjusts to life post TSbyBS.

Blair as a cop.

Four Months in a Uniform and its sequel Im Not Scared But I Cant Move


Regulations state that all applicants for detective in the city of Cascade WA. must have at least four months prior experience as a uniformed officer. This experience may be obtained through service with any nationally accredited law enforcement agency within the US, or with all branches of Military Police. Jim's POV.

Blair as a cop.

Where Friendship Takes You


Friendship between an unlikely pair lead Blair and Jim to see the light. Pre-slash.

Blair as a cop.

Fixing The Paperwork Problem


Sandburg is on his own for the day without Ellison, and Simon loans him out. Uh oh.

Blair as a cop.

To Know The Difference

Kikkimax on A03

Jim realizes what he wants; hopefully it's not too late.

Blair as a cop.

Light Up My Room

The Amazing Maurice

Death. Duty. Metaphorical elephants. Oh, and love. Post-TSBBS.

Blair as a cop.

Two Birds with One Stone


New detective Blair Sandburg kills a a man in the line of duty. Why is Internal Affairs so ready to assume the worst?

Blair as a cop.

In Search of a Peaceful Heart

Jyllean and Alyjude

Holidays and parents. Why isn't it easier? Sometimes you need a little help from the love of your life.

Blair as a cop.

Broken Hearted


What's a broken heart or two between a couple of normal guys? Het and slash.

Blair as a cop.



Blair deals with the stresses of being a full-time cop.

Blair as a cop.

Recovery Epic


This is the story of a strong but damaged Blair trying to find himself, his happiness, and his true path. The first two cycles are GEN-friendly while the third cycle and epilogue are definitely SLASH.

Blair as a cop.

Flirting LOCKED ON A03


A drunken Blair Sandburg comes to a sobering realization.

Blair as a cop.

Torn by the Storm LOCKED ON A03


Five years after TSbyBS, Blair returns but will Jim's bitterness drive him away?


Why Sandburg Wears Flannel


Blair goes to the Academy and Jim... copes though the rest of Major Crime doesn't...

Blair as a cop.

Number Six


Blair has been missing for three months. When he returns, he's not the man he used to be.

Blair is brainwashed.

Stealing Home and its sequel Coming Home


Blair is kidnapped by a ruthless organization determined to break his identity and erase his memory but they underestimate the bond between Jim and Blair. Het and slash.

Blair is brainwashed.

The Resurrection Series and its sequel Continuance

Dolimir and Rhyo

Blair always worried that the government might come for Jim. They did, eventually, but Jim was too old, too dangerous, and too set in his ways. They took Blair instead. By the time he is free; he has changed and is practically unrecognizable. Will Jim be able to recognize his old friend? And if he does, what happens to Marcus Mallory?"

Blair is brainwashed.

Guide Me


AU. Sentinels and guides are put on an island in a reality TV dating show. Het and slash.

Blair is courted.

Finding, Keeping, Losing, Weeping


After TSbBS, Jim rejects Blair, and twenty three other Sentinels vie to take Jim's place. Het and slash.

Blair is courted.


Astolat aka Lady of Shalott

A new detective joins the Major Crimes department, and Jim isn't happy about it.

Blair is courted.

Take Two


Several months ago, Jim rejected a guide called Blair Sandburg as a potential bond-mate. Now Blair is bonded to someone else, but all is not well in his world.

Blair is courted.

What Happens In Peru


Jim and Blair head to Peru for some help from a Shaman.

Blair is courted.