Slash Archive - September 2009



Barroom Buddies

Gena  ? First times
Separate Lives Gena  First times
Finding Homes LitGal  ? Jim is angry 
Saving the Day Karen  Cascade PD gets taken over by the bad guys again, and it's up to three unlikely heroes to save the day!   Blair, Rhonda and a donut girl 
Scorpions Lady Ra   A Jim Ellison from an alternate reality comes through a wormhole, looking for this Earth's Blair Sandburg.
Another Jim asks for help at the SGC 
Comedy of Errors

Measure for Measure

Taming of the Shrew


Worlds collide when Daniel Jackson visits Cascade, Washington. Things will never be the same.

SGC needs Jim's special talents -- and Blair's. 

Jim and Blair settle into their new jobs with the SGC but soon find themselves in a battle for Earth 

Spooky happenings - a standalone story in the Shakespeare Series

URL request
Second Chance series Calista Echo  Jim Ellison, detective and aristocrat. Grief-stricken at the loss of his genetically cultivated guide, he chooses another-- a most unsuitable one. Blair Sandburg, faces a society that has no use for a "natural" empath.
Emil is Jim's guide 

Apache 2

Apache snippet 
Shedoc  what's up with that comment Blair made about Desert Storm?

a year later Burg returns!

the Centerfold!
Blair flies helicpoters 
Game On Mab  Blair's not coping so well after the events of Sentinel Too and Murder 101. After Murder 101 
Room Enough Cori Lannam After the events of 'Crossroads,' Jim gets his fill of solitude. Break in stories
True Confessions Terri Botta   ? URL request 
Control Issues LitGal  In a world that knows, loves, respects, but doesn't trust its Sentinels, Jim is determined to hide his abilities. He won't submit to a guardian ad litem having custody of him in a legal system that ranks him on the same level as a child. He will not give up his control, not to anyone. Blair is a sentinel finder
Just the Way you Are LilyK  Jim is sick.
Trustworthy doctors 
Dorset County series Dasha  The trouble with happily ever after is that life keeps happening even when the fairy tale is over.
Trustworthy doctors 
The Accidental Guide Spikedluv  Jim wasn't looking for a guide, but then he met Blair Sandburg. Jim is waiting for a prostitute and Blair shows up. They bond and Jim wants it gone.
A Million Pieces of Candy Candy Apple  Blair is the only survivor of a violent attack on Jim's family, and both men must support each other through physical and emotional recovery, and the exploration of their relationship.
Jim's wife and daughter are killed 
Marion Marion  Author's page