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Hang on

Blair finds trouble. Jim has to find Blair.

Bad day

Blair's having a very bad day.


List challenge. What Blair missed out on due to his upbringing with Naomi.

Brothers in arms

Rafe protects the trouble magnet while Jim is out of town.

Candle on the water

First Sentiwheel challenge.


Blair and deep water. Not a good combination.

Occupational Hazards

All Blair wanted on New Year's Eve was a quiet night.

It's about friendship

And not just between sentinel and guide.

Mistaken Identity

It's early in the friendship but when he's in trouble, Blair turns to the one person he trusts most.


An answer to a challenge


Divided we fall

Blair's keeping secrets and both men pay the price.


A thank you fic. Blair makes a sacrifice for all the right reasons.

Paid in full

Blair's attempts to repay a debt almost end in tragedy.


Jim and Blair attempt to solve the murder of a prostitute using revolutionary new techniques and at the same time, fight prejudice from within the ranks.

Good Will

After Blair is robbed, Jim instills a little good cheer of his own.

Peer Pressure

Daryl comes to Blair's rescue at a party.

Into the mouth of hell

An old enemy is back for revenge.

Limits of trust

Just a few months into Jim and Blair's partnership, the men are almost split apart when Blair is accused of something he didn't do.

Key to my soul

Jim and Blair meet in an AU drama.

Another Fine Mess

A weekend away goes wrong and Jim and Simon must pool their skills to save Blair.

Words Unspoken

Cruel words spoken in the heat of the moment cause Blair's birthday to be forgotten and his life put in danger as he attempts to make things right.

Tandem Comfort

Snippets of H/C and smarm. The second is an epilogue for "Prisoner X."

Getting to know you

The Major Crime gang get to know Blair Sandburg.


A tribute to September 11th, 2001. Previously published in 'Mourning', a tribute zine from AllGen Press.

Be it ever so humble

What if Jim hadn't been with Blair when the warehouse blew up. Alternate scenes to 'The Debt.'

Christmas Whenever We Want

It's Christmas... and trouble's found Blair again.

Keeping Faith

Simon learns that appearances can be deceiving.

Same But Different

On a day filled with fear of loss, a friend muses about Jim and Blair.

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What a Guide will do for his Sentinel.

Innocence Lost

A tragic case causes heartbreak and danger for Jim and Blair.

Two Way Street

Jim's anger over a case almost costs him his Guide.

Seeing With The Heart

After the trauma of TSbyBS, Blair makes a decision.

Sharing Christmas

A bit of Christmas smarm and angst.

We are Family

A tragedy tears Jim's family apart, and he risks losing Steven's son and his Guide.


It's a very special day but Blair still wonders if he's done the right thing.

Back up

Response to a challenge. Jim and Blair watching one of your favorite shows. A little humor, a little seriousness.

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Nick of Time

How many times had Jim told Blair not to pick up hitchhikers?

Sensory Assault

The Guide does his job. Originally written for Sentinel Thursday.


What if you could turn back time? Gen adaptation of the movie, Frequency.

Full Circle

After TS by BS, Blair finds it difficult to cope and makes a decision that may shatter the Sentinel/Guide bond forever.

A Grief Observed

Post - TSbyBS, despite the offer of a badge, Jim knows Blair is leaving.

Pieces of Me

Six months after moving in with Jim, Blair's finally had enough of his partner's... anal personality.

Ride of a Lifetime

A bad case has Blair ruing the comment he made regarding rollercoasters and merry go rounds.

Christmas Spirit

Blair is depressed when it appears Jim doesn't want to spend Christmas Day with him.

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Fun with Fanon

Recent discusion on some of my lists regarding fanon had me wondering if I could write a good, angsty story with as much fanon in it as possible.

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A Day Like Any Other

Written for the Danger Diary Ficathon.

Knowledge Gained

Death insidiously stalks Jim and Blair.

A Split Second in Time

Casacade Times Secret Santa fic for Arnie.

Lost and Found

When Blair goes missing, it seems only Jim holds out hope.

Stumbling In

Blair's eagerness to help his partner lands him in hot water. Sentinelangst April Themefic.

Blessed Overprotector

Blair discovers that having a Blessed Protector, even if Jim's a little overprotective at times, has its benefits.

Never Too Late

Blair's plans for an anniversary dinner with Jim go awry.

Written for the SentinelAngst List Anniversary.

Told You So

Challenge fic - Word prompt - Diet.


Someone from Jim's past brings danger to both men and Jim and Blair must establish a connection to each other in order to survive.

Who Dares Wins

A chance to get away after Jim and Blair rescue Simon from Dawson Quinn goes horribly wrong. Previously published in Chinook 3.

Old Friends

November themefic for Sentinelangst. Seven years after TSbyBS, what are Jim and Blair doing?


Blair finds the mutilated body of a dying child and after a couple of strange incidents, begins to believe hes being haunted by her restless soul.


If Wishes Were Horses

A terrible case of child neglect brings up long buried memories for Blair.

The Greatest Gift of All

Depressed, with Christmas looming and no spare cash, Blair learns that the gift is all in the giving.


An outsider's view of Jim and Blair.

Mothers and Sons

A TS/Criminal Minds crossover. Blair joins forces with Dr. Spencer Reid from the BAU to track down a criminal with links to both their mothers.

In Harm's Way

A routine interview goes bad with Jim and Blair caught in the crossfire.

The Gift Of Giving

My Christmas story for 2008.

A Test Of Faith


Not So Happy Campers

A camping trip goes wrong.

Daring From Within

Blair Sandburg must tread a dangerous path to protect Jim Ellison. AU

Never Leave Home Without Your Guide

With Blair away for a couple of days, Jim tries something he should never do without his guide around.

Impossible Things

Jim ponders miracles.

Rainy Days Don't Always Get Me Down

A hell of a week has a rainbow at its end.



Presumed Guilty

Blair learns that not everybody likes a hero.


Sequel to Presumed Guilty


Sequel to Vendetta

Price of Friendship - Part one

Blair and a friend suffer the consequences of prejudice.

Price of Friendship - Part two

Blair must decide whether to press charges against a gang, thus exposing a friend's deep secret.

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Family Tree Series:


Missing scene for The Debt. Part one of the "Family Tree" series.

Links to the past

Sequel to "Shelter." Part two of the "Family Tree" series.

Ties that bind

Sequel to "Links to the past." Missing scene for "Cypher." Part three of the "Family Tree" series


Sequel to "Ties that bind." Part four of the "Family Tree" series.

Sitting Shiva

Part Five of The Family Tree series. Blair receives bad news and is betrayed by a member of his own family.


Seasons of the heart
WARNING: This story deals with rape and as such is rated N/C-17. The rape is not depicted in detail in the story.
After Blair decides to leave the loft, he is brutally attacked. During the investigation, Jim discovers Blair is also being sexually and physically intimidated by other cops, who resent the observer's presence.

Demons fought

Sequel to "Seasons of the heart."
Blair and Jim try to cope with the consequences from Blair's rape.

Chasing Shadows

Sequel to "Demons Fought." Shadows from the past come back to haunt Blair as he is accused of a crime he did not commit.

A Merging of Souls Series


A Merging of Souls

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Six weeks after the events of LRH Balzer's 'And Dream that I am Home Again', Blair begins to suffer terrifying visions and Jim and Blair turn to the man who is perhaps the only one who can help them understand.

Memory's Prisoner

Sequel to A Merging of Souls. A new case from the Vidocq Society proves to have a personal link for Blair and reveals a memory long forgotten.

Graphics Version

Soul Deep

Following on from their last case which had harrowing personal ramifications for Blair, he takes some time out only to discover that the bond between Sentinel and Guide exists for their own good as well as for others.

Blessed Is The Child

As Jim and Blair investigate a horrifying attack on three young children, Jim finds himself questioning Blair's evolving gift.

Life is a Bridge Series:

Season 1

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This

Bridging epilogue between Switchman and Siege.

It Could Be Worse

Epilogue for Siege. Follows on from I Can't Believe I'm Doing This.

Partners and Friends

Epilogue for Killers. Follows on from It Could Be Worse.


Missing scene for The Debt. Follows on from Partners and Friends.


Missing scenes for Cypher. Follows on from Homeless.

Learning Curve

Some people just don't 'get' Jim and Blair's partnership. Follows on from Recovery.


Epilogue for Rogue. After Brackett's discovery of Jim's abilities, Blair's doubts come to the fore.

Hard Lessons

Missing tags for Love and Guns. Blair knows he screwed up with Maya.

More Than Attraction

Tag for Attraction. Blair's musings on pheromones turn to more disquieting thoughts.

A Vow Of Friendship

Tag for Vow Of Silence. Jim takes a trip down Blair's memory lane.

Season 2

Hell Of A Time

Epilogue for Flight. Blair reflects on the consequences of going with Jim to look for Simon and Daryl.

Out Of The Past Missing Scene

Blair gets praise from Jim and bonds with Pam.




Dust in the Wind

Missing scene for TSbyBS - Blair's PoV.

When All Else Fails

Missing scene for TSbyBS - Jim's PoV.

A New Day

Epilogue for TSbyBS.

Second Thoughts

Epilogue for "Siege."

Packing Up

Epilogue for TSbyBS.


Epilogue to BMB.


Missing scenes for Cypher - A thank you fic for a friend.


Epilogue for "Crossroads."

Therapy For the Soul

Novella previously published by AllGen Press.

Blair's drowning at the fountain exacts a terrible cost, and in the aftermath, Jim and Blair each get a chance to walk in the other man's shoes.


Family of Choice

Epilogue to "The Killers."


Epilogue for "Rogue."

And Everything In Its Place

Epilogue to "Night Train."

Quid Pro Quo

Epilogue for "Switchman." Maybe having a guide isn't such a bad thing.

Missing scene and Alternate Ending to "The Inside Man.

Answer to a challenge that I posted on the Plot Bunny List.


Epilogue for "The Rig."


Missing scene and epilogue for "The Debt."


An alternate ending to 'Survival.'

Love's Scars

Extended epilogue for 'Love and Guns.'

What Remains

Post TSbyBS. Jim and Blair introspection.


A Good Judge of Character

Epilogue for The Debt - Settling in takes more than a little give and take.

Compassion 101

Missing scene for Murder 101. Jim and Blair take a step toward rebuilding their friendship.

The Gifts of a Guide

Missing scene for TSbyBS. Jim ponders Blair's sacrifices.


Missing scenes for Cypher. Blair discovers the true meaning of home.


Missing scene for Cypher. Blair does the comforting.

In Need

Sentinelangst Anniversary Challenge. Prequel to DawnC's story, 'Strangers in the night.'


Epilogue for Warriors. Jim and Blair are both grieving, neither realizing they need to comfort each other.

Running Man

Missing scene for The Girl Next Door. Blair's thoughts as he's running from Artie Parkman.

Spineless Goober

Missing scene for Survival. After being injured in the jump into the river, Blair doubts his usefulness.

Abiding Trust

Alternate ending for The Girl Next Door.

In Adversity

Gen_Short_Lyn.jpg (11266 bytes)

Epilogue for TSbyBS. Blair's doubts.



2006 LMFA Winner - Best Short Story - Gen



Blair ponders on the lessons he's learned in his time with Jim. Missing scene for TSbyBS.

reclaimed.jpg (58957 bytes)


Epilogue for Sen Too and TSbyBS. Both men face the memories of the past and present. Previously published in Chinook 6.

No Sacrifice

"And it's no sacrifice. No sacrifice at all."

Missing scene for TSbyBS.

Soul Mates

Blair's drowning is months in the past but he's still finding it hard to move on. Post Sen Too.



Missing scene for BMB. Someone returns a bonus.

A Blast From The Past

After the press conference, Blair decides to move on, but discovers the past cannot always be left behind.

Mystic Journey

Sen Too missing scene.
At A Loss

A little post TSbyBS piece.